Tenergy 05 vs 64: Comparative Reviews

The latest rollout of Butterfly Tenergy is the Tenergy 80; yet, here we are going to make a Tenergy 05 vs 64 comparative review. Of course, Tenergy 05 and 64 are two of the most popular table tennis rubber sheets rolled out by Butterfly Tenergy. As such, these two deserve a closer look. In this comparative review, we will split our content into various segments, using design and features, level of comfort, speed and spin, density, and price as our criteria of comparison.

Tenergy 05 vs 64: Comparative Reviews

  • Design and Features

Tenergy 05 review

The Tenergy 05 is the first in the series of rubbers released by Butterfly Tenergy that features the new “Spring Sponge” Technology. This technology makes the Tenergy 05 rubber feel harder, yet it is capable of holding the ball longer. This technology has become possible by combining the explosive sponge with the new tensioned top sheet that allows for maximum surface grip. This combination results in a rubber that can produce a good amount of spin on each serve and topspin drive for your table tennis racket.

Tenergy 64 review

On the other hand, the Tenergy 64 is designed to be the fastest attacking rubber rolled out by Butterfly Tenergy. It makes use of the Butterfly High Tension Technology that allows for a fast and dynamic game. This rubber is also produced by using the innovative Spring Sponge Technology that allows a player to grip and catapult the ball at high speed, giving the ball a heavy spin.

The Tenergy 64 is a product of innovation of the pimples that is used for producing a reversed rubber like this. Tenergy 64 is designed specifically for offense-minded players who thrive in great attacks and offense. 

  • Speed and Spin Ratings

Now let us contrast the Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64 using the following metrics of speed and spin ratings. There is surely some tinge of difference between the capabilities of these two rubbers. On the one hand, the Tenergy 05 has a speed rating of 13 and spin rating of 11.5. On the other hand, Tenergy 64 has a speed rating of 13.5. It also has a spin rating of 10.5.

A simple look at the ratings of these two rubbers would readily give you a good idea of how different one from the other. If you are an offense-minded player, you should go for Tenergy 64. It has an awesome speed rating of 13.5. Its spin rating, of course, is less than that of the Tenergy 05. So, if you want perfect control without compromising your spin, your better option is that of the Tenergy 05.

Tenergy 05 affords you with awesome precision in your ping-pong games. It is as if you can tell the Tenergy 05 what you exactly want to do during the game. Hence, many ping-pong players love opts for this rubber.

Many players also consider the Tenergy 05 as a looping monster. It will surely give you power loops. It will also provide you with amazing smashes to the delight of spectators. Great control and better spin are its greatest upsides.

Some players, however, find these two rubbers too bouncy and therefore, hard to control. But if you get used to using them, you would surely enjoy playing using any of these two rubbers.

If you are looking for a dream rubber for your backhand, this Tenergy 64 might be your best option. It offers great long-distance loop. It is also good at flat hitting. It will provide you with good placement as well as awesome flicks. As an inverted rubber, the 64 provides better chop and it provides better offense for its users.

The Tenergy 64 also provides good backspin than that of Tenergy 05. It is also good for blocking shots. You would surely find not much disadvantage in the use of this rubber.

When it comes to density, the Tenergy 05 has a density of 38 while the Tenergy 64 has a density of 36. The price of both items, however, are the same.


If you are familiar with other rubbers of different brands, you would surely find these two rubbers quite similar to each other. Of course, they have the same manufacturer and use almost the same technology and designs. However, if you would take a closer look at the features of each of these rubbers, you would slowly realize that there are a few differences between these two.

Tenergy 05 vs 64 is a good comparative review because it provides you with the nuances between these two rubbers. As you use each of these rubbers while playing, you will readily figure out which one suits your playing style. You’ll also notice the peculiarities of each of these rubbers. despite all these little differences, you would surely say that these two are almost the same.

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