Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rubber Reviews 2019

If you want to customize your table tennis racket, you should consider looking for an excellent rubber to replace your present table tennis rubber. However, finding the ideal rubber for your table tennis table top or racket is not easy. You should look at some of the best table tennis rubber reviews online to be cognizant of the best table tennis rubbers at hand. You should also try looking for something like the best Chinese table tennis rubber at hand.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers

Reviews of Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rubbers 2019

In this review of the 5 best table tennis rubbers, we are going to make use of the following criteria of quality, speed and spin ratings, density, color, and price.

Here are our top five table tennis rubber on the market today

1.    Butterfly Tenergy 64 Rubber Sheet

Tenergy 64 belongs to the series of rubbers rolled out by Tenergy. It features Butterfly High Tension Technology that allows for fast dynamic rubber impact. This technology makes use of an innovative Spring Sponge that allows for better grip on the ball and better high-speed return and heavy spin. You should also take note of its number 64 because that number indicates the developmental code of its pimples that are utilized for producing its reversed rubber.

Tenergy 64 is the attacker-type of rubber because it is designed for those who are offense-type of players in contrast to Tenergy 05 which is recommended for those players who play close to the table. The speed rating of the Tenergy 64 is 13.5 while its spin rating is 10.5. Its density is 36.

In Juy 1, 1986, the tennis table racket rule on the choice of color has been promulgated. This rule states that one side of any table tennis racket should be bright red and the other side must be colored black.

The Tenergy 64 also comes in color red. Thus, you can use the Tenergy 64 rubber on one side of your table tennis racket and complement it with another rubber of darker color on the other side.

The Tenergy 64 is definitely a very good racket; though some users of this rubber claim that it does not last long. It is also more expensive than the other types of rubber.

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2. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Sheet

Another table tennis racket rubber that is rolled out by Tenergy is the Tenergy 05. This rubber is the very first rubber that makes use of Spring Sponge. Spring Sponge is a new technology that makes the rubber feel hard while allowing the holding of the ball on the racket for a longer time. Tenergy 05 mixes this feature with its new tensioned topsheet for maximum surface grip. The combination of these technologies creates a rubber that showcases more massive spin on serves and better topspin drives.

The speed rating of this rubber is 13, while its spin rating is 11.5. Its density is 38. It comes in color black.

If you are planning to build your own customized table tennis racket, you can opt for the Tenergy 05 rubber sheet on one side and the Tenergy 64 on the other side to comply with the abovementioned 1986 table tennis racket rule.

The Tenergy 05 is of the same price as that of the Tenergy 64. Moreover, reviews on the Tenergy 05 indicate that many consumers find this rubber expensive. Many likewise find it to have a shorter lifespan than other table tennis rubbers.

3.    DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber

The DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber is a powerful rubber that comes with special glutinosity. This feature can readily create stability and high-speed arc. It can improve your scoring ability with its high-speed, fast loop, changeful arc. It also offers strong spin capabilities.

The DNH NEO Hurricane 3 is equipped with quick attack/loop pimples with hardness of 39 to 40. This rubber comes from China. This rubber is also extremely sticky and provides fantastic spin.

It is perfect if you want to gain better control of the ball. However, it sacrifices speed for better control.

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 has a speed rating of 8.5 and spin rating of 9.3. Its control rating is 8.6; while its sponge hardness is 39. Its thickness is 2.15mm and it is characterized by pimple-in type of sponge. The good thing about the DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is that it is inexpensive.

4.    YASAKA Mark V Table Tennis Rubber

If you are looking for a winner of many championship games, you should look no further beyond the Yasaka Mark V Table tennis rubber. It is the type of rubber that is ideal for those who have an aggressive playing style. It features a high-grade rubber that is made in Japan. It is suitable for different levels of players.

It is easy to use and is easily adaptable to different styles of play. It is also easy to glue to your paddle. Moreover, it is ITTF approved.

The quality of Yasaka Mark V is surely exceptional. However, it lags behind the Tenergy 05 and 64 when it comes to speed and spin ratings. Its speed rating is 8.1, while its spin rating is 8.2.

In the aspect of control, however, it rates higher than the previously mentioned rubbers for it rates at 8.7.

Lastly, Yasaka Mark V has a sponge hardness of 4.6 and consistency of 9.6. Its durability is rated at 8.7. It is also less expensive than Tenergy 64 and 05.

5. Galaxy/Milky Way Mercury II Table Tennis Rubber

The YinHe’s Mercury II rubber is the very first rubber that is rolled out by MOXA sponge line. It is the entry-level version of its MAX TENSE line. It is characterized by tackiness and softer topsheet that readily provides this rubber with a strong spin and serves.

YinHe’s Mercury II rubber offers greater control for loops, drives, and blocks. Moreover, this rubber is good for those who are just learning the basics of table tennis.

This table tennis rubber provides decent spin and its spin rating is 9. Its tack is mild, and its thickness is around 2.2mm. Its upsides include its thickness, ability to provide perfect spin, and amazing speed.

YinHe’s Mercury II rubber is perfect for those who are just learning the rudiments of table tennis. Moreover, it is less expensive than the abovementioned table tennis rubbers.


Finding the best table tennis rubber is indeed a difficult thing to do if you are not familiar with the different brands that offer table tennis rubber. There are many ping-pong rubber brands and models at hand, and some came from other countries like Japan and China. Moreover, you can find in your research the best Chinese table tennis rubber like the Fan Zhendong rubber or the Japanese table tennis rubber like the YASAKA Mark V

Yet, your decision on which table tennis rubber to select often boils down to your playing style. If you are an offense-minded player, the Tenergy 05 and 64 may be the rubbers that you need. If you want more control, however, you may be needing the YASAKA Mark V Table Tennis Rubber.

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