Top 3 Best Table Tennis Glue Reviews & Guide 2019

Customizing your table tennis racket requires you to search for the best table tennis glue. Searching for the best table tennis glue, however, is not easy. Why? Because there are factors that you need to consider. These factors include the glue’s ease of use, adherence, drying time, toxicity, and whether the glue is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

There are also different types of glue and you can’t simply use any type of blue for your racket. Moreover, the glue that you should use should be legal. Example of the frequently used glue is the No-VOC water-based glue which doesn’t carry volatile compounds.

Reviews of Best Ping Pong Glue 2019

There are myriads of glue brands on the market today. This makes it difficult for the ordinary guys to choose the right glue for customizing his paddle. Hence, we are delineating here our top three choices of table tennis glue:

Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue

Best Ping Pong Glue

The Butterfly Free Chack Glue is perfect for customizing your table tennis racket. You can use it for assembling the table tennis rubber and sponge onto your chosen wooden blade. You simply need to apply several drops of this glue onto the table blade to glue the materials together. You should use the clip and the sponge that comes with the package as your paintbrush. Use them to evenly apply the glue onto the ping-pong blade.

Afterward, you can spread evenly the glue on the head of your ping-pong racket. You should also spread the glue on the rubber sheet. Then, wait for at least 15 minutes for the glue to dry. You will notice that the glue will turn clear or white when it dries.

Then, you can simply place the ping-pong rubber on your blade. Afterward, gently press the rubber down. Then, cut the excess rubber to make it fit the size of the blade.

The Butterfly Free Chack is great stuff. It doesn’t have a bad smell, and it is easy to use. It minimizes the mess because it comes with applicator sponges. This glue is surely a quick-drying one. One caveat, however, in using this glue is this—you should apply the glue quickly for it is really quick-drying.

Killerspin – Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue

Best Ping Pong Glue

Another great table tennis glue that you can use for customizing your own ping-pong paddle is the Killerspin – Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue. The Killerspin Company, of course, is a trusted company when it comes to table tennis products. It is a Chicago-based company.

The Killerspin – Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue is a water-based glue that meets the ITTF competition regulations. This glue comes in a 37-ml bottle. It also comes with an applicator clip. Moreover, it comes with 15 disposable applicator sponges. 

This glue surely perfectly does it work. With a single application of this glue, you can attach the rubber to the blade of your ping-pong paddle. Using this glue, you can expect to play longer without any problem with your paddle.

This glue is a bit expensive since it is only 37ml, compared, for example, to 90ml Donic Vario which you can get at the same price. It is easy to apply with its applicator clip together with 15 disposable applicator sponges.

Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Glue Free Chack II

Best Ping Pong Glue

Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Glue Free Chack II is another great glue that you can use to assemble your own ping-pong racket. It has newly formulated components and it has a latex-based adhesive. it is designed for easy gluing of ping-pong rubber and sponge to a blade. You can use this glue on rubbers like the Spring Sponge, Spin Art, and Tenergy series.

The Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Glue Free Chack II is easy to apply. You simply need to evenly apply the glue on the back of the rubber sheet and the blade. After the glue dries, you should attach the rubber to the blade.

Then, simply roll the rubber, pressing it on the blade. Afterward, just cut the excess rubber from the paddle. This glue is very affordable compared to the abovementioned Killerspin and Butterfly Free Chack Glue.


Your table tennis racket should be fashioned out according to your playing style and preference. Customizing your table tennis racket is the best way to achieve this. However, you would surely need the best table tennis glue to help you fashion out a racket that would suit your preference. Thus, it is important that you find the best glue for assembling your own ping-pong paddle.

There are other things that you need to consider when buying a table tennis glue. Remember that low quality of glue easily freezes and becomes unusable. You should also carefully read the instructions before using any glue. Lastly, if it is your first time assembling your own paddle, you would surely find it hard to do. There is also a bit of learning curve in doing it. But once you get used to it, it will become an easy task for you.

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