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live at Mud Club 1986
Heaven ws the place and Christimas Ball the occasion for Marilyn first- ever live performance in England.
Shortly before 1am on the Monday befofe Christmas, Marilyn was greeted by an enthusiastic and expactant throng as he arrived at Mud Club.  Heldat Labyrintine Heaven under the Charing Cross Arches, this was the scene of his initiation as a boy of fourteen into the  nightclubs world, but tonight Marilyn returned as the star.
As the opening bars of his forthcoming single •Spirit In The Sky•, pounded over the powerful sound system, Marilyn, his hair now a waistlength sea of golden dreadlocks.
Wearing a floor-length black-coat covered in multi-coloured fringes, sequins and feathers, he thrilled a capacity crowd.
This was  the familiar Marilyn of •Calling your name`, strutting, pouting and teasing, yet it was also a new Marilyn.  After a year out of the public eye, he has rediscovered his true direction, returning with a new aggression, dynamic self confidence and a voice which has matured  grown even stronger.
Always the showman, he captivated his audience with his unique brand of glitz and glamour.  halfway through  the song he turned his back. There was an audible gasp from the crowd as,  with the infinite skill of a seasoned stripper, he allowed his coat to slide sensously from his shoulders to the floor, revealing a sophisticated clinging oufit of sequinned black pants and off-the-shoulders top.
He has taken the 70s classic song and injected it with hard, 1986  gospel funk, Marilyn- style. As the song ended Marilyn, waving and blowing kisses, made his way to his dressing-room.  he later returned to mingle with his fans
Boy George was among those who rushed to congratulate him, saying •He was brilliant•
Dear Valerie, after going to the Mud Club at Heaven, really looking foward to a good evening, and queueing up outside for ages, we were refused entry by Philip Sallon at the door.  He opened my coat and had the cheek to look me up and down. •No` he said.  I showed him my Mazclub card and he just said •No, you need an invite.  This is not a Marilyn concert, this is the Mud Club.•
So, after dragging all my friends up there to give Marilyn some support, we were rejected, and its so degrading.  Some people that got in were more •boringly• dressed than us - I just dont understand Philip Sallon at all...•

A week before Christmas, Marilyn decided that he was going to sing live at Sallon•s Mud Club Ball, and asked me to inform the Fan Club members.  I•d called about 20 people before Maz rang me and said that Philip was insisting on upholding his usual club rules, and would only admit people who passed his scrutiny at the door, the fact that they were Fan Club members would not make any difference. So Marilyn and I decided that I•d better stop calling people as the last thing we wanted was for any fans to be turned away. In the dressing room after his performance, Marilyn and I were both furious when we learned that club members had actually been ferused entry, but by then it was too late to do anything aobut it
Text and Pics from theMazmag issue 7 - winter 1986 - Official Fan-club UK  - by Valerie and Graeme