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Last week saw the 50th birthday of Philip Sallon, one of my oldest and dearest friends, with the occasional feud well 24 years is a long time to know anyone. I don't know what it is in cat years, but in gay years it's blooming eons. The birthday bash was a small affair, with only a selection of close friends. 'I only want big mouths' was Phillips command - do we know any other types? And there was a smattering of famous faces.
As you will see from the photos, which are further down the page, there was an Eastern theme. I had to run down Brick Lane to purchase something to wear and I bought myself a lovely Indian wedding coat and bags of bindis. Philip, for those who don't know, was one of London's premier freaks. We met in 1977 during the punk days and have been twisted sisters ever since. As a tribute to Philip, I have to say that despite changes in fashion, he has always done his own thing and is still looking deliciously ridiculous and amazingly young at 50. What I call, 'Flying the flag for weirdos'. A tribute to the many looks of Mr Sallon is currently emblazoned on the walls of Heaven nightclub and, when they get bored of them we will post a selection on this site. I have chucked in a photo of Philip, circa 1977, just for you to get an idea of how he looked when I met him, and forced my then girlfriend Laura to follow him into the ladies toilet in a night-club. After seeing him dancing on a podium, looking like that, I knew we had to befriend him and obviously it was a success.
Philip will be immortalised in my forthcoming musical 'Taboo' and is being portrayed by Paul Baker, a fine actor who recently played Napoleon in the West End. Anyone who knows Philip, will not fail to see the irony of this. His clubbing credentials involve several hugely successful clubs throughout the 70's and 80's. Namely - Planets, The Mudd Club, The Opera House and, a timely stint at Bagley's Warehouse during the post Acid House era. Recently, Jay Kay attempted to throttle Philip at London's trendy Met Bar, simply because he hadn't got over being turned away from the Mudd Club as a teenager. Some folk really hold grudges! Whatever - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP
Boy George