Alejandro Gocast, unique birracial look and extravagant personality has made his name
in the London fashion and party scene. Born in Latin america with Mexican and German
parents Gocast's unique look is an eclectic mixture of style from some of the UK's
hottest designers, and London's freshest new talent. Photographed by the some of the
best in the fashion world, fashion photographer Tara Inanloo, as well as Akif Hakan
Celebi who has worked for the edgiest magazines in Miami/Istanbul/Osaka and Hong
Kong and club Photographer icon, Alex Gerry, to mention some. Recently Alejandro's has
been featured in works of designer Marko Mitanovski,who according to Vogue has been
proclaimed as the new Alexander Mcqueen in the fashion industry, in the collection
"Lady Macbeth" Make up artist, Josh Descartes, recently featured in British Vogue, has
collaborated numerous times with Alejandro to create inspirational and artistic make up
concepts, which normally flourishes into his taste for the New Romantic style. Alejandro
has earned his place amongst the original pioneers of this scene. New Romantic muse
Danillo Monzillo has inmortalised some of his most iconic images at the official Blitz Kids
website, It was during an impromptu performance in a trendy East End
venue and an electric modeling shoot, that he was snatched up by music producer Philip
Gable who shares Alejandro's love of synth-based 80s electro pop, style, and attitude
that Elektraslave came to be, a music performance influenced by the Electro Pop Rock n'
Roll Guitars Electronic Beats of the 1980's, featuring Alejandro himself and
collaborations with Steve Strange lead singer of the formally known band " Visage"
"Looking for Love" was the fisrt single released early this year and has been playing in
some of London's hottest alternative clubs. Currently working along Steve Strange
(Visage) and legendary Rosemary Turner in an already popular monthly night called THE
FACE. Bringing a fresh and eclectic crowed to the west end. There is no doubt that
Alejandro's extravanganza , wit and humour will always be something to look out for. ♠ ---
♠ ♠ --- ♠ ♠ --- ♠ ♠ --- ♠ ♠ --- ♠ ♠ --- ♠ Web Fact, Blitz Kids: The Blitz Kids were a short- lived
group of then-unknown people who frequented the Blitz nightclub in Covent Garden,
London in the very early 1980s. Among their number were Steve Strange, Boy George
and his friend Marilyn, Perri Lister, Princess Julia, Philip Sallon, Carl Teper and Martin
Degville (later to be the frontman of Tony James' Sigue Sigue Sputnik). The club was
known for its outrageous style of clothes and make-up for both sexes, while it was also a
birth place of several pop groups. After beginning at Billy's nightclub in the late 1970s,
the Blitz Kids had found themselves bored with the whole punk genre. Billy's had taken
to having regular Roxy Music and David Bowie nights and, in an effort to find something
new, the denizens took to wearing bizarre home-made costumes and clothing and
excessive amounts of make-up, presenting a highly androgynous appearance. As the
group moved on from Billy's to the more elitest "Blitz" club, this was widely considered
to be the birth of the New Romantic movement. Soon after, Steve Strange and Boy
George became famous in their own right with their musical outings Visage and Culture
Club respectively, as did vocalist Marilyn. Carl Teper went on to become a distinguished
British Judge. .